What we do in Cinta Tanah Air, as our charity project, is to find solutions to the many problems that we already have. To make an impact, small or big, as much as we can, through our actions.

Cinta Tanah Air Charity Project is about finding problems. And the problem that we found is that Indonesia is a growing population of more than two hundred million. Which according to World Bank, Indonesian government spends ONLY 2.8% on Health, and 3.2% on Education from its GDP about this huge problem.

Moreover, 41.7 percent of Indonesians live with only $3 (US) per day, or less than Rp. 50,000 per day. That equals to less than $100 (US), or Rp. 1,5 million per month. And without Health Insurance. The country spent only limited resources in these areas, while many are actually suffering from it. Cinta Tanah Air, with our Charity Project, wants to be a channel to help these impoverished and underprivileged Indonesians. We believe they deserve better health, better educations, and better living standards. 

Cinta Tanah Air Charity

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