An Unfortunate Man was Stabbed During an Attack by a Gang…

Everyone deserves a chance to live, no matter who they are. In October 14, 2011, our organization was asked to help an unfortunate man who got stabbed during an attack by a gang in West Java, Bandung, Indonesia. Here’s the email:

“There is an immediate need of a contact who has no money and is in RS Borromeus Bandung right now. He was stabbed during an attack by a gang. He had surgery and was in the ICU and has had a miraculous recovery. He is waiting to go home now but they will not let him go without paying the bill of about 90 jt.

His name is Stephentus. A 24 years-old young man who was trying to finish up his last semester education in Bandung, living far away from his parents in NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timur). His parents are just a government civil worker who are paid barely enough to fulfill their daily needs and put him in school. When this tragedy came to Stephentus, his parents could not even come to see him, because of their financial situation. Not only they could not support him physically, to be close by Stephentus side while he needs to go through the many surgeries and recoveries, moreover, his parents can’t even support him financially. They wanted to, but they are too unfortunate.

Stephentus got stabbed by a motorbike gang in Bandung while he was hanging out with his friends in front of a mini market. At first, he was being hit by a bottle’s glass at his head, and while he was trying to escape, running away, he was hit by one of the motorbikes and fell down. And as he was down, one of the gang members stabbed him with the bottle’s glass to his stomach. At that time, after he got stabbed, he was in comma for two days. He lost too much blood, almost 1 gallon. The doctor was surprised that he was able to survive at all as the stab went very deep. It wasn’t just his stomach. It went through his abdominal, pancreas, and his liver.

Once he got in to the hospital (RS. Boromeus), he was hurried to the surgery room, to block the stomach from wasting more blood as he could not afford it (in this surgery, the doctor did not know that the stab goes through his pancreas and liver, the only thing that they did was some obstruction to his abdominal). Two days after his first surgery, he was able to wake up, but, this first surgery was not much of a success as he was still throwing up blood. Then the doctor decided that Stephentus would need another surgery to see if where the blood was coming from. It was then, that they found out the pancreas was also injured. So, the doctor was able to fix that part. After 20 days being hospitalized, the doctor let Stephentus to rest at home, as the bill has piled out too much for his to bare it at all. Yet all of his bill needs to be paid off by December 2011.

A week after that, on the 27th, he was hospitalized again as he kept on throwing up blood at home and could not eat at all. The first hospital, Rs. Boromeus, could not help him much because of his previous bill. So, he was transferred to another hospital, Rs. Advent. The doctor in that new hospital told him that he needs another surgery, this is going to be the third big surgery he has in 1 month. The surgery lasts for 3.5 hours, and the doctor found out that his liver was actually the one that has caused him to throw up all these blood. So, he fixed it.

As October 30, 2011 Stephentus has recovered. The doctor said that he does not need another surgery anymore. There isn’t anymore blood coming out, as the doctor was able to block it all. He is still hospitalized as he still needs some small surgeries to close up all the wounds from all the pipes that go to his stomach and he still feels nausea most of the time.

Stephentus was unfortunate, but he was still given a chance to live thus far. Cinta Tanah Air has been able to help Stephentus financially with around 35 million rupiah to paid off his surgery and hospitalization. With this money, from all the sponsors, Stephentus has thanked all of you for helping him and giving him a second chance to live.

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