“Cinta Tanah Air Vision and Mission is to be the catalyst of change for the underprivileged Indonesians providing financial, educational, and healthcare support.”


Cinta Tanah Air is a community (in progress to become an organization) of young people, which come together to help and support the impoverished Indonesian community, especially focusing in the area of health, education, social, and financial needs.


Cinta Tanah Air FoundersThe idea was spawned in October 2010, as two young college students, Felicia and Melissa, moved by the fact that many people in Indonesia were anguished from diseases and passed away as they could not get the proper health care, as well as the lack of education, such as the abundance of illiterate people in Indonesia, and many other things that they know they can make a difference.
They then started to rumble with ideas. What could they possible do? How could reach out to these underprivileged Indonesians? How should they raise the fund? These fears and doubts, however, did not stop them to take a step further, to put their thoughts into action. Hence, filled with excitement, they found their passion and took a step to be a channel to make a difference in their home country, Indonesia. They started raising fund, while they were studying in Los Angeles, California, and brought those money to Indonesia, to do their first event, a “One Day Free Clinic” in December 2010. All they wanted to do is to make an impact, leaving a legacy in the country that were raised in. And so that’s where the name “Cinta Tanah Air” which means, love for our home land, comes about.


The goal for Cinta Tanah Air Indonesia is to make a long-lasting impact through our actions.

The nature of Cinta Tanah Air is to first fundraise some money, mainly through direct sponsorship, selling merchandises, and charity events (such as sports competition, etc). These donations are our heartbeat. Cinta Tanah Air will then utilize them to accomplish our missions. Each penny that is being donated will directly go to the beneficiaries, which is the underprivileged Indonesians.

Cinta Tanah Air also desires to have a lasting relationship, with both the beneficiaries and the donators. We want the donators to know where and how their donation make an impact. We are offering an opportunity for you, to be part of a change in the life of many underprivileged Indonesians. To leave a legacy, and to give a gift of life to these people.


“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give…”

– Winston Churchill