CTA Partners are our the behind the scene supports that has helped us made it so far, they have changed lives of many and made huge impact in people’s life.

To All CTA Partners,

We are beyond grateful for all the donations that each donator gave us.

Cinta Tanah Air would not be able to do as much as we have done without all the help of CTA Partners. Your donation has made a huge impact in many people’s life. You may not know each beneficiary personally, but know that each penny you donated is not wasted, and has blessed many underprivileged Indonesians.

Many are able to have the second chance to live their life again. Many are given a chance to know that there are still people out there that cares for them. Many are now able to drink clean water. Many are able to sleep comfortably at night. Many are simply blessed and grateful for you.

Thank you for your donation & support! 

cta partners


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