3 on 3 Basketball Charity Cup in Los Angeles, California

“We did it!!” That was our first expression when the 3 on 3 Basketball Event was over. We were glad and can’t thank God more for letting us do this event. Around 100 people came to the event, around 50+ players participated (4 girls teams and 9 guys teams), many supporters, many volunteers come to help us, and few Indonesian organizations from L.A also came and help us promote and support the event. It was just amazing. It takes us weeks to prepare, to market, and to put everything together, but it was all worth it.

When we started to try to do this fund raising thing, we basically came empty handed but a heart to help the people in our country. From scratch, we started to brainstorm on whom could we help, what can we do, and are we suppose to do it. The excitement then started to build up inside of us, and even with some doubt here and there, we then start to talk about it more seriously. We contacted some of our friends back in Indo and asked them if they knew anybody or a group of people that we could help in terms of health. It took awhile until we finally found just a perfect organization back in Bandung that would be willing to work together with us to help channel our desire by giving a free health care. One of the people in that organization was Mel’s friend, and this organization has been helping people around Bandung in giving a free health care for different villages. Then we started to be in contact with one of the people, and they finally gave the details on the amount of money that they would need us to raise. At first, we were pretty surprised and were not too optimistic about the amount of money needed. This was going to be our first event and we were just not sure if people would actually be interested in supporting this event. But, our passion pushes us forward.

Then, after many ideas, we decided to launch our first event by this “3 on 3 Basketball Charity Event.” We tried to think of every detail that we would need to do, brain storm on some volunteers that would be willing to help us, how are we going to advertise it, etc. And we did it! We raised about $1,000 which is just enough to do one free health care for 250 people + 30 circumcisions. The event was a success, and Mel and I would like to thank all players, volunteers, friends who have came to the event and support us in any ways. This event would not be such a success without you guys. We were just being channels, but you guys made it happen! Thank you so much!


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