More than 50% of the Indonesian population does not have the mean to buy health insurance as they live with only $2 per day for the whole family. This free clinic is a mean for these impoverished and underprivileged Indonesians (both children and adults) to get their health checked and get some free generic medicines and vitamins that they needed. With this project, Cinta Tanah Air wants to be a channel to help these impoverished and underprivileged people to deserve better living standards.

In doing this project, Cinta Tanah Air will be partnering with other medical experts, such as medical organizations in order to deliver a quality free clinic. In our first free clinic event, we were able to partner with “Atlas Medical Pioneer” to help us find the right area and people to deliver the event, as well as have their members (doctors and nurses) volunteering in doing the health check up and distributing the right medicines and vitamins needed for each individual that came.

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