This is CTA first event. We believe we are making big impact, for the small service that we do.

Around 180 people, babies, kids, adults, came to our free health care event (Balai Pengobatan) with the help of ten doctors. For their convenience, we rent a parking garage of a hotel in West Java, Bandung, for the event.

CTA finally creates its first event. It was a huge eye opening. Many people who have not had a chance to go to doctors for years, finally able to do so. For the past years, many of them become their own doctors. They treated themselves with the cheapest “medicines” possible. They would consume “Jamu” (mixed of spices believes to be powerful by Indonesians), or go to some “Dukun” (cheap doctor without any doctorate degree, which sometimes use magic that they believe can fix them), or other things that they can afford. It’s not that they did not want to go to doctors, but they simply did not have the financial support for it.

During this CTA first event, I talked to some of the participants. They told me that they did not want to waste their money for doctor’s consultations. They could barely survive their life from they money they’ve got. And many of the parents told me that they would rather use the money for their kids to go to school.

There are many kinds of illness, from as simple as arthritis, high cholesterolcold and flu, to a continuous fever for a month. The doctors told me that these illness, if not being treated properly, can actually escalate to something serious. A simple illness, might look like it at the present times, but might not be in the future.

These people thanked all the donators for their contribution for this event. They are thankful for the short and simple time that the doctors give for the consultation. And especially the free medicines they received.

We want this to be the first to many events and projects. We are blessed to have been able to do this. And we also want to spread the blessing to others we can possibly bless.

cta first event charity project

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