Many poor people in Indonesia are disadvantaged and endangered by the places and physical conditions where they live. They often experience problems with water that is not clean, precarious shelter, scarcities of energy for cooking and heating, poor sanitation, and many more disadvantages. Looking at these sad fact, CTA tries to visit these villages, observe what each villager needs, and try to assist them to improve their living standards; such as by providing water filter to help them with getting clean water, mattresses to sleep on so that they won’t need to sleep on the floor, pillows so that they can sleep comfortably, blankets to help them with the scarcity of energy for heating, cooking materials as work capital so that they can live a healthier life, and many other things according to each individual needs. Everyone deserves to have a healthy life. With these endangered shelters, many of them live unhealthy lives.

As we observe these conditions, CTA wants to try to give them a chance to live a healthier life by providing them better living standards. Many impoverished Indonesians live in a house where their kitchen, living room, and bed room are in one same room. Many are not able to even have a meal each day. Cinta Tanah Air conducts village visitations to different villages that have individuals who need medical attention, as well as look around their houses and providing them with specific needs in preventing  health problems. In executing this project, our organization depends a lot on information from personal contacts and words of mouth.

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